Everyone knows the story Christmas Carol. In the story Tiny Tim was destitute with nothing except the love of his family. What fewer people know is that this is still the reality for many children in the UK today.

Key areas of Thanet are some of the poorest in the UK and children instead of looking forward to Christmas dread it, knowing that instead of gifts under the tree they will be hungry and cold.

We want to make a simple difference by putting a Christmas Gift in as many families hands as possible.

The Gift includes:

  • toiletries
  • Food including Christmas treats
  • Gifts for the children
  • socks, gloves, hats

We need people to support this by:

  • Giving gifts (new toys)
  • Donating food (long life, non-perishable)
  • Giving money
  • Donating socks/gloves/hat